screen on the stadium stands in the distance was showing the score of the game.
Sampdoria, who played
0:1 at home, is falling behind!
He sighed, and it seemed that he had no chance to play this game.
“There is still half an hour, only one goal behind, why not change to high!” Clariant Moretti, wearing the Gaozheng No. 40 jersey, stood in the stands and complained loudly, pointing to the court. “Is the new head coach and Atzori the same thing?”
“Calm down, Clariant.” His companion was comforting him. “You know Gao is very powerful, but the head coach may not know. After all, he has only been here for two days. In fact, I don’t think he should appear on the coach’s bench in this game. Given his understanding of the team, 西安桑拿按摩网 he may not be as good as that. The goalkeeper coach of the team”
Moretti knew that his companion was right, but he was still unwilling.
Lu Bing cast his eyes on him.
He has seen Gao Zheng’s performance every time he comes off the bench in the reserve team. Because of this, he firmly believes that as long as Gao Zheng is on the field, Gao Zheng will not let people down. He is eager to let the 20,000 fans at the Marassie Stadium feel his shock.
It’s like after owning a great thing, like sharing it all over the world, wanting everyone to know what a great thing he has, and wanting to recommend this thing to everyone he knows until they I have used the things I recommend so far.
It’s a pity that he is not the head coach. Otherwise, he must have replaced Gao Zheng on the field early. Maybe he just made him start!
In the media, Lu 西安夜生活论坛 Bing and Wang Yixing’s views may be completely opposite to Clariant Moretti’s expectations.
Even Lu Bing felt that with the current development of this game, it is best not to let Gao Zheng play, because that would mean that the huge pressure was all concentrated on Gao Zheng.
He felt that if the head coach was still willing to consider the future of a young man, he should not be blocked.
Wang Yixing chattered on the side: “This game is r