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and, and took out a new bottle of drink from the other drawer. “But next time, I won’t go so soon.” Knocked on the door. “Wait, this is Nightingale’s?” “Ah, she won’t mind.” “The two toasted again, on this warm and wonderful night. m. . Main text Chapter 741: The Art of Voice Transmission Your content is being manually entered and sorted. Please refresh the page later to view the content. Remember, get the fastest and latest novels. Text Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Two The combination of the two in the other side of the situation should enable unrelay communication to reach about 100 kilometers, which can basically cover most of the residential areas of the West, and it will also allow Neverwinter City to obtain the battle conditions on the impeccable mountains defense line at any time. If you want to extend it, you must use a signal amplification device. The reason why Roland chose to develop a wired phone was that in addition to Anna’s remarks that aroused his ambitions, the phone itself is indeed a very versatile tool, whether it is to control the political situation, strengthen centralization, or command war. The help is of great significance. Another more critical point is that the current industrial projects in Neverwinter City have reached saturation. New immigrants need to undergo elementary education to digest. The four giant industries of civil engineering, mineral smelting, mechanical processing, and chemical production have accounted for more than 90% of qualified workers, and with their due volume and expectations In terms of scale, there is no difficulty in swallowing the six to seventy thousand people who have newly joined the Western Territory. Since these industries are closely related to future wars, no one can suffer from the Big Four. The most typical is the bicycle factory. The factory that Roland initially built with great interest has not produced enough bicycles for the first army. When the power is insufficient, it must be the first to shut down. When the manpower is short, all worker