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ity” is over. Now this underground city has been dug into an outline, at best it is an underground residence. When all the channels connecting the peaks of the impeccable mountain are opened, it will be like a real hidden fortress, connecting with the ground forts and camps as a whole, becoming a part of the impeccable defense line. Roland returned to the castle and immediately summoned all the directors of the major departments of the city hall to the reception hall. Then, amidst the sound of everyone’s inhalation, the purple light curtain slowly opened, enclosing the entire hall. Although I have been reminded in advance, when this unbelievable illusion really appeared before everyone, the expressions of the managers still changed drastically. Like the younger Minister of Agriculture Seni Dali even accidentally knocked over the teacup on the table, Barov kept wiping the sweat from his forehead, Kaimo. Strier and Bachelor of Dispersive Stars stared wide. If it weren’t for the reason that His Majesty the King was still sitting in the main seat, they would have to take their way and flee. The only one who can be called calm is Edith. Although this woman from the Northland family shrank back, her eyes were still filled with excitement and curiosity, and Roland unexpectedly noticed that she looked at him with a trace of admiration. . Uh, I have to say that women’s ideas are really hard to figure out. Except Edith, the reactions of everyone else were basically within Roland’s expectations. However, since it wants to form a united front against the devil, it is impossible to hide the existence of the remnants of Taqila forever. It will be a matter of time for them to appear on stage. Rather than the city hall detecting the strangeness at the foot of the mountain in the border area and asking them actively, it is better for him to introduce the ancient witches to everyone. After more than two years of training, the vision of this group should have improved greatly, and the ability to accept new things has also been grea