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om splitting up and attacking the old holy city, this time it was not as large as the last time. There were 5,000 people in the Judgment Army and the Goods Unit, and the God Punishment Army was about 800. But with the top-secret siege weapon and the pure, Mayne has full confidence in conquering this wolf king’s lair. “Master Bishop, the siege beast has been placed in place and can attack at any time.” A priest ran to the top of the slope and reported to him. “Where is the pure who controls them?” “Also ready.” Mayne raised his observation mirror and observed the position of the siege beasts-two huge steel beasts were lying in the fields two miles away from the king’s city. There are baffles on both sides and a straw shed on top. If you don’t watch it up close, it’s hard to detect the hideous and strange shape of this weapon. Moving your gaze forward, you will see the line of God’s Punishment Army. They are all transformed from the church’s most devout believers, standing straight and motionless in the autumn wind. Only the enemies who have fought with them will know the terrifying power of these extraordinary warriors. Unfortunately, they cannot act autonomously and must fight through orders issued by commanders. These commanders never show up in public at the church. They also pretend to be members of the God Punishment Army when fighting. They are mixed in the team, except for the three major bishops and the pope. Besides, no one knows their true identity. “Very well,” Mayne nodded in satisfaction, “Return to your position and wait for the offensive horn to sound.” “Yes, sir.” Next is the Pure under the Pope’s crown. Thinking of the two witches, he couldn’t help but frown. They were very different from the other witches raised by the church. Even in the march and battle, they still went their own way. If they were replaced by their own pure ones, they would definitely have to receive the punishment of whipping, but they were in the church position. They were on the same level as the bishop, and Mayne could not