him is very rare for a teen

a backlash. The pain was far beyond the scalp. Many witches often unconsciously display their abilities at this moment, which is also the most exposed moment. If it had been two or three years ago, the public awakened would almost have a dead end. The electric light quickly disappeared, but the floor and outer walls of the classroom were lit by the thunderbolt, and the orange-red traces left by them gradually raised open flames and billowing smoke. The girl forcibly returned to her stunned partner, yelled twice, then grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the danger zone. Lily raised her eyebrows appreciatively to know that although the first backlash was not fatal, it was also an unprecedented experience. After the backlash was over, she would often feel weak and cold sweating. Being able to control the body in this state without forgetting the companion behind him is very rare for a teenage girl. The fire did not spread quickly. After all, the fire source caused by the discharge was very small. When the second half of the classroom was gradually engulfed by the fire, everyone had already withdrawn from the teaching building. Seeing the truth came to light, Axia ended the retrospective. “Very well, we have one more sister,” Lily raised her mouth, and it is foreseeable that the other party is still a pretty good guy, regardless of ability, at least both brave and will. Only when I saw her, I felt that not all witches were as bad as Mystery Moon. Speaking of this, she deliberately turned her head and glanced at Miyue, but found that the latter was shocked, obviously not paying attention to what she was talking about. Uh, what happened to this fool? “We have to tell Sister Wendy quickly!” Amy suggested, “A new witch has appeared in Neverwinter City!” “Agree,” Evelyn nodded, “Let’s go to the castle now.” Wendy probably had already. Knowing that, Lily shrugged, but she didn’t say what she thought. Anyway, after the wandering was over, she planned to go back to the bedroom to continue observing the tiny bugs, which