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to be other things in the crash. Just judging from this weight, it is almost hollow. Is it severed limbs and flesh and blood, or peeled off human skin? Apart from intimidation and bluffing, he couldn’t think of what the other party would send over. “Move to the stone castle,” Rubaka said coldly, “I want to see what tricks they want to play.” Chapter 750 After Tian Lei Wuwang’s men opened the wooden box, the “gift” inside was revealed. It was clearly a coffin. A good coffin. Whether it is the gold foil edging or the lacquer painting, it looks very delicate. The pattern on the cover is a pitch black short whip, which is the war pattern of the Iron Whip clan. Rubaka Bloodwhip was startled at first, then couldn’t help but sneer. “That’s it? I thought they would put something more frightening to me,” he shook his head, “heads, ears, and human skins are what Iron Sand City does. Coffins? The extreme south doesn’t need this extra effort. Stuff!” All the dead here will be thrown into the desert and then turned into bones under the high temperature baking. Regardless of their status in front of them, there will be no difference after death. Only the northerners need such a twisted wooden box. Even if you die, you have to imprison yourself, like an eternal prison. Osha’s bitch thought this would scare me? He breathed a sigh of relief, and had been a slave in Graycastle for too long, perhaps she had forgotten how the sandmen threatened. But this insult still makes Rubaka feel embarrassed. “Get my axe!” he shouted. Immediately some people from the tribe resisted a large cast iron axe with a handle nearly one person high, and the dark axe was the size of a head. Although he was the chief of the Iron Whip clan, his favorite weapon was this heavy battle axe. Whether it’s fighting beasts in the desert or cutting off the heads of challengers, it waved extremely well. In the face of absolute power, any block or parry is meaningless, as long as it hits, even if it is wearing the armor of the northerner, it will be killed in one sh