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ve another fight!” Others should reconcile. “Hey–” Then there was the sound of a sword unsheathed. The guard also drew his weapon and was about to go in to help out, but Luo Jia stopped him. “Leave it to me.” “But” the guard squirmed his lower lip, finally lowered his head in front of her indisputable eyes, and swallowed the second half of the sentence, “I understand, sir.” Luo Jia opened the door. , Walked into the house calmly. Several warriors of the Nu Tao clan stood with arms folded without fear. They didn’t care about the dangling tip of the knife around their necks, and they were obviously determined to Kuangyan not daring to do it. The fact is also true. Both the eldest brother Luohan and his father’s guards only dared to put their weapons at the critical point of the opponent, but did not dare to cut them down without authorization. In this way, Kuangyan fell into a disadvantage. Gurz. Fen Huo was sitting behind a square table, and the light reflected in his eyes was uncertain and the atmosphere was momentarily quiet. “Put everything away.” Her voice broke the tense atmosphere of confrontation. Gulz smiled immediately, “You finally woke up.” “Sanmei, you are not, I mean it’s great!” Rohan’s eyes widened, and he watched her step by step in disbelief. The people around him seemed a little incoherent, and he couldn’t tell whether it was an accident or a surprise from his expression. Luo Jia realized something in her heart instantly. It seemed that her father had not fully revealed the news of the goddess of the North Kingdom. Except for those who took care of her and the guards around her father, most people were probably still in the dark at this moment. Even the big brother was so surprised, let alone the warriors of the Nu Tao clan. “Luo, Luo Jia? Didn’t you get severely injured in the sacred duel!” “This is impossible! When I clearly saw her being dragged off the high platform, my legs were already crushed into a puddle of mud!” “What kind of wolf is that? Ears and tail?” “It’s a monster!” She walked u