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of the clan to initiate a sacred duel? Suddenly, two muffled thunders sounded outside the window, and the sound was not loud, like It came from a very distant place. The strange thing is that Tulam did not see the electric light that pierced the night sky-by common sense, it would come earlier than thunder. At the same time, Iron Axe face His expression finally changed. “Listen, thunder is coming. “M. . Main text chapter 746 Burning night. The light of the explosion was fleeting, like fireflies in the night. Fanner raised his observation mirror and looked at the oasis in the distance. The dots of torches became the best sign to indicate the target. The closer to the direction of Iron Sand City, the denser the number of torches. Thousands of pulsating fire lights outlined the Sandmin camp at a glance, which was also the main target of the artillery battalion. After a while, the rumbling sound came from the depths of the oasis. “The landing seems to be a bit off,” the cat’s claw who was also observing muttered. “No way, the sand itself is not good for guns, so you can only use the first few shots as test shots.” Pomelo peeled the next shell into the barrel while talking. “Anyway, go further. If it falls on Master Iron Axe, we are all over.” “Don’t worry, the tavern is far from the camp. If this can be hit, the shooting manual compiled by the sages will have to Rewritten.” Rodney pulled up the firing rope, “Ready!” “Fire!” Fanner nodded. The two fortress cannons once again uttered a deafening roar, and the flames ejected from the muzzle briefly illuminated the ground in front of them, and the raised dust hit their faces, causing everyone to squint involuntarily. The small oasis in the mouth of the sand people cannot be regarded as a real town. It is just a fort formed by the clans gathered outside the iron sand city. No house is built of bricks and stones, except for the low buildings and sentry towers built with a small amount of wood. Most of the rest are tents propped up by leather and cloth. Therefore, the kill