a certain degree of albinism, so he had to wear a cloak to shield him from the sun as much as possible. In response to the saying that a smart head does not grow hair, this sugar white tiger is unfortunately also a top man. Although the hair on the top of the head is not much hair, it is obviously a futile attempt to cover the naked scalp. Mr. Buckland hopes to do some natural research on the wilderness in Alpine Fort. Annie said. It’s okay, it doesn’t seem to eat much anyway. Lord Lord also told the truth, this little old man seemed to be at least not annoying, but it was surprising to see a tiger scholar in Pompeii. Buckland stroked his chest and smiled triumphantly at the corner of his mouth. His Majesty Pompeii Sagre’s court guard had absorbed many tiger guards, so it is not surprising to see tigers in Pompeii. Several people exchanged a few unnutritious nonsense. Buckland said he was going to collect specimens and left by himself. Richard ordered the leader to help Annie’s caravan construct a residence first. The population of Gaoshan Fort is getting bigger and bigger, and the small hills are gradually difficult to accommodate. The current pattern is that the guards and the lord himself are stationed on the hills to ensure a wide view, and the rest of the residents are settled around like egg white wrapped egg yolk. Since the hills have become a military powerhouse, businesses can no longer enter and exit at will, as they were in the early days, and the places allocated to them are also in the consular area. Boss, we are gone. Gunther brought three barbarian warriors and a dozen vassal servants to bid farewell to Richard. He has decided to go back to his home in the Arctic Ice Plain and move the entire tribe to the mountain fort. Go early and return early. Richard struck his chest twice with his fist. The population and output of Alpine Fort are rapidly increasing. In contrast, the strength of the guards is a bit stretched. Since almost all the leaders are not races that are good at fighting, th